Popular Opinion Leaders

Are you popular, credible, trusted in your social network AND interested in ending the spread of HIV/AIDS? Then join WellFlorida’s High Impact Prevention (HIP) as a Popular Opinion Leader (POL). POLs spread messages about a variety of health behaviors throughout a community. Some examples of health behaviors include: adopting safer-sex behaviors, seeking HIV antibody testing, disclosing HIV status to sex partners, and seeking prevention and medical services.

To meet our goals, we ask that POLs

  1. Attend one HIV/AIDS and Communication Workshop (roughly 4 hours)
  2. Attend one reunion meeting (roughly 1 hour)
  3. Complete some data entry (done online and at own pace)

In exchange, POLs earn up to $250 and cool incentives such as tee-shirts, safe-sex kits and HIP promotional items (i.e. phone wallets, tumblers, fanny packs, sunglasses, etc.). You will also have the satisfaction of knowing that you are helping to end HIV/AIDS on a local level.

Fill out the Contact Us form and we’ll get back with you. Or contact Scott Conover at 352-415-0459 x8015 or at  sconover@wellflorida.org.